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2016 Member Spotlight – Lisa Ford



Today’s member spotlight is on the stylist Lisa Ford. Not only is Lisa the owner of Invent Your Image, she is also one half of the dynamic duo that found the Charity Chics! At Invent Your Image, Lisa specializes in making you look and feel great when it matters most. She is a Certified Image and Color Consultant that can have your clothes go from blah to fabulous faster than you can say, “Does this outfit match?” Clients have called Lisa talented, qualified, and a fireball of energy, but more importantly, they love her attention to detail. Her high standards in the realm of styling make her more than just fashionable, she helps you attain the looks that are uniquely tailored to you. That is something that is truly timeless! Whether you need help picking out the perfect wardrobe for a series of events, or you just want to know what colors will help you truly shine, Lisa is the best there is for the job. To learn more about Lisa and Invent Your Image, visit her company website today!



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