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2016 Member Spotlight – Jessica Santiago

2016 Member Spotlight – Jessica Santiago

Jessica Santiago

One of the initiatives for the Charity Chics for this year is to spotlight our members and our charities that we are supporting here on our website. With that in mind, you’ll notice some member spotlights and charity spotlights showing up in our blog. We love our members, our charities and our community and we are so excited to share all that we’re up to here with you!

The first spotlight is on our very own 2015 MVC, Jessica Santiago. What is the MVC you ask? It stands for Most Valuable Chic and Jessica was awarded this title after the Chics of 2015 unanimously voted for her to win the title.

Jessica works for On Point Executive Center as a sales associate as well as a receptionist. On Point Executive Center is a family owned and operated company. Jessica said, “I would love the opportunity to tell you more about the amazing company I work for.  Allow me the pleasure of assisting you in your business today!” If you would like to do just that, click here to visit her company’s website.

Stay tuned for more exciting spotlights and updates from Jessica and all of our amazing Charity Chics!



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