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2017 Member Spotlight – Lisa Ford

2017 Member Spotlight – Lisa Ford

For the 2017 Member Spotlights of the Founding Chapter of the Charity Chics, we thought we’d switch things up a little. So, we asked out members to fill out a questionnaire, that we can share with you. Our first member spotlight is on Charity Chics Founding Chapter co-founder Lisa K. Ford of Invent Your Image. Enjoy her spotlight below, and then leave a comment below with you favorite style tip or trick!

Lisa Ford

What’s your business? I run, Invent Your Image.

What do you do in your business? I’m a Certified Image Consultant

How long have you been working in your business? 10 years – We make people feel great and radiate confidence when it matters most for them!

Why do you love Charity Chics? The philanthropic business women that want to give back to their community first and foremost, create life long friendships,  and lastly receive business referrals organically.

What is your favorite way to give back? Giving both time and money.

Why do you think people should be charitable? Paying It Forward and setting an example for my children to spread the love and make the world a better place!

What is your favorite quote? “Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things.”- Jean Cocteau

Where can we find you on social media? Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Is there anything you want to add that others might not know? I am a wife and mother of identical twin boys that support and contribute to my journey with Invent Your Image. I love to stay in constant motion; especially dancing and lifting weights.
I bake sinful desserts!
I was a cheerleader from middle school through college.
I played softball, alto sax, and was voted best dressed in high school.
I am also a geek!  I graduated 13th in high school and summa cum laude in college.

How awesome is Lisa?

Personally, we think Lisa K. Ford is pretty awesome! And, we hope she will bake one of those sinful desserts she mentioned for an upcoming meeting. ***hint hint Lisa! 😉  Please check out Lisa’s website and social media channels.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this member’s spotlight. We look forward to sharing all of the 2017 member spotlights in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon for additional posts. Our member spotlights are one of the perks of joining the Charity Chics Founding Chapter. As we give back to the community, we enjoy sharing the news and events our members have going on in their businesses and lives.

Thinking about becoming a Charity Chics Member?

Charity Chics provides a venue for like-minded business woman to come together to build connections for a cause. Our group is a women’s networking organization founded by Lisa K. Ford from Invent Your Image and Karen Gillman from On Point Executive Center that combines fun and philanthropy. Proceeds from each of our member events are donated to local charities. If you are a professional business woman, entrepreneur or a business owner – you could benefit from our networking events. Come and meet other female professionals who are serious about business! Learn more about membership by clicking here.


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