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2017 Member Spotlight – Karen Gillman

2017 Member Spotlight – Karen Gillman

Today’s member spotlight is on Karen Gillman, aka the other half of the two amazing women who co-founded the original group of Charity Chics in Tampa. Karen is not just the co-founder of Charity Chics, she is also co-owner of On Point Executive Center, author of the awesome book It’s Never Too Late – A Ten-Year Journey With Weight Loss Surgery, and a mother of two gorgeous children.

Karen Gillman

What’s your business? On Point Executive Center, and Charity Chics

What do you do in your business? On Point Executive Center has been a virtual office to 300 small businesses. We also serve several non-profits, and get to see first hand the results of our love and labor. Our company is family owned and operated, and we’re available for many of our clients needs. We’ve done everything from walking a client’s dog, child care, pick up dry cleaning, emergency airport runs, notary, banking, trade show vendor, WordPress updates… You name it, we offer a list of services from A to Z. My favorite thing about our business is that we never have the same day twice.


How long have you been working in your business? We’ve owned On Point since 2004, and Charity Chics was founded in 2009

Why do you love Charity Chics? I love to share life with like-minded women who strive for a work-life balance with a foundation of serving others before self.

What is your favorite way to give back? Time

Why do you think people should be charitable? Fuels the heart of the giver and the recipient bringing love full circle!

What is your favorite quote? Everything thing in life is either a blessing or a blessing in disguise.

Where can we find you on social media? Facebook and Twitter

Is there anything you want to add that others might not know? I was recently named a Cabot Community Celebrity. Learn more about that here. I’d also like people to know that On Point hosts four Annual Expos to showcase local businesses and fuel the #shopsmall #shoplocal initiatives. Details about all of our upcoming events are available on the On Point website.  As of June 1st of this year, I have officially traveled to every state in the United States!

How awesome is Karen?

All the Chics agree that Karen Gillman is pretty awesome! We just love her! There are people in life that you meet that you just know are special, and that truly care about the community as well as the people in that community. Karen Gillman certainly embodies that sentiment. We’re so grateful that she and Lisa Ford came together years ago and created our incredible group.

Thinking about becoming a Charity Chics Member?

Charity Chics provides a venue for like-minded business woman to come together to build connections for a cause. Our group is a women’s networking organization founded by Lisa K. Ford from Invent Your Image and Karen Gillman from On Point Executive Center that combines fun and philanthropy. Proceeds from each of our member events are donated to local charities. If you are a professional business woman, entrepreneur or a business owner – you could benefit from our networking events. Come and meet other female professionals who are serious about business! Learn more about membership by clicking here.




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